The average sex cycle of sows is 21 days (the range is mostly 18-23 days). If the sow's estrus is not matched or indistinct, the estrus will be repeated after 21 days.

Symptoms of the sow during estrus: At the beginning, the genital area began to enlarge. The mucous membranes inside the vulva were pale red, disturbed, and squawk from time to time. They followed the climb across the other pigs, but refused to allow the boar to cross the mating for about 1 day. In the middle of estrus, the genital area enlarges in a walnut shape. The mucous membranes in the vulva are flushed. They continue to be restless, but sometimes they are in a daze. Their ears are vibrated and their hands are pressed against the back. The sow stands still and is willing to accept crossbreeding and mating. 1-2 days. In the later stages of estrus, they still walked across other pigs, but no longer allowed the boar to cross over and mated. The pudendal area began to contract and the vaginal mucous membrane was lavender, about 1-2 days. So when is the maternal estrus mated? Sows ovulate and receive mating in mid-estrus. Appropriate breeding time is about 24 hours after the estrus appears in the sow. If you are willing to accept the boar to cross (or the person does not move above), it should be the first time. After the first mating, it is best to go through 12 hours or so and then the second time. Usually a mating period can be 2 times.

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