Harvested. The best time for honeysuckle picking is when the upper part of the flower buds are swollen slightly milky white and the lower part is greenish green. When the lotus root is to be released, the local people call it “10 points of flowering and 9 points of mining”. According to research, honeysuckle has the highest chlorogenic acid content at around 11am in one day and should be the best harvest time. Honeysuckle harvesting is too early and late to pick is not appropriate, will affect the quality of medicinal herbs. The buds that are collected are used to minimize turning and squeezing, and they are dried or baked in time. Harvesting should also be taken care not to bring in sticks, whole leaves and other impurities.

Sun flower processing. For the buds harvested, if the drying method is adopted, it is best to dry flowers on the cement stone drying field, and the collected honeysuckle should be timely distributed on the site. The flower drying layer should be thin, with a thickness of 2 to 3 centimeters, and it cannot be turned during the drying. Turning it when it is dry will cause the buds to darken and affect the price of the flowers. In order to expose the dried buds, the value of the goods is optimal. Dried flowers, the feel of which will be broken by gentle pinching. On sunny days, the weather can be dried well. The flowers that were not dried in the day should be covered or erected in the evening and then dried again the next day. After the flower is in case of rain, the flower baskets can be placed indoors or spread out on the mat. The honeysuckle treated in this way has the same good color and good quality.

Another drying method can be used, generally in the early 30 ~ 35 °C bake 2 hours, the temperature can rise to 40 °C or so. After 5 to 10 hours, keeping at room temperature 45 to 50°C, after drying for 10 hours, most of the flowers are drained, and the room temperature is raised to 55°C to make the flowers dry quickly. Generally dry for 12 to 20 hours. For more than 20 hours, the color becomes black and the quality is degraded, so it is advisable to dry quickly. Do not turn when drying, otherwise it will easily turn black. Do not stop baking when it is dry, otherwise it will heat and deteriorate. According to research, the yield and quality of drying are higher than that of drying. The dried flowers should be packed tightly with several layers of plastic bags in time to avoid moisture. The quality of the product is yellowish-white to pale yellow, and the pods are not opened. The content of crushed and mixed leaves does not exceed 3%. There are no other impurities and there is aroma. Naturally dried flowers have more aromas than baked flowers and have a light taste.

Storage. The honeysuckle should be stored in a wooden box or carton. The inside of the box is first lined with moisture-proof paper, then loaded with flowers, compacted, sealed, and placed in a ventilated and dry place to prevent moisture, mildew and insects.

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