The shortbread machine consists of a matching topping and filling machine and two matching single machines. Compared with the general shortbread machine, the main machine integrates the kneading machine and the filling machine, which makes the whole host more convenient and smooth. The whole unit is made of high quality stainless steel in contact with food to ensure stable, reliable and hygienic production.

The basic debugging procedure of the shortbread machine is introduced:

1. Use the shortbread machine to adjust the thickness, thickness, width, speed of the roller and probe sensitivity of the one-stage and two-stage pressing surface rollers.

2. Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to match the pressure of the second section. If the speed is too fast, the dough will be pulled. If it is slow, the dough will be piled up and cannot be operated.

3. Adjust the speed of the rolling wheel, match the speed of the conveyor belt, the speed of the rolling wheel is too fast to smash the dough, and the speed of the rolling wheel is too slow to make the surface roll unreal or impossible to make.

4, adjust the speed of the molding machine and the speed of the conveyor belt, such as the small cake embryo, such as the slow cake embryo, used to weigh the weight of the cake.

5. The pastry machine adjusts the speed of the molding machine to reach the weight of the cake. Now open the filling machine, adjust the size of the filling mouth according to the customer's requirements, and roll the filling column into the pastry noodle, and then form the cake. .

6. The shortbread machine needs to adjust the size of the shortbread and the ratio of the leather stuffing, because it adjusts its speed and slowness from the pressure roller, the speed of the lower conveyor belt, the speed of the filling machine, and then the shaping machine Fast and slow, can determine the size of the shortbread.

Apple is a low calorie food, producing 60 thousand calories per 100 grams. Apple is rich in soluble nutrients and is easily absorbed by human body, so it is known as "living water". It helps to dissolve sulfur and soften the skin. It is said, "an apple a day, the doctor is away from me".

There are thousands of apple varieties, which are divided into 3 categories: wine varieties, cooking varieties and tail food varieties. There are differences in the size, color, flavor and smoothness of the 3 kinds of varieties (possibly brittleness and flavor). Many varieties contain high sugar content, moderate acidity and low tannin content. Apple is not only raw, but also has many cooking methods. It is often used as a dessert stuffing. Apple pancake is probably the first American dessert.

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