Dr. Dario Cantu, an assistant professor at the University of California at Davis, has been researching Botrytis cinerea as his own business and has been engaged in the research of sweet wine for a long time. He has been in business for 11 years.

Botrytis is a fungal disease in which grapes infected with gray mold can be used to produce expensive rot and may also rot. At present, Dr. Cantu and his team at the School of Viticulture and Winemaking have discovered the way in which gray mold affects the metabolism of grapes, which has a huge impact on the production of flavors during winemaking.

The study was published in "Plant Physiology," which was first produced in November 2012 when Cantu visited the Greg Allen winemaker at the Napa Valley Dolce Winery, which produces Bordeaux Susie-style sweet white wine.

Cantu found that as the Dolce winery began to show symptoms of gray mold, the color of the grape berry changed from yellow to pink, similar to the mid-color of the red grape berry.

It is considered impossible because white grapes are white, and they have genetic mutations that prevent the production of anthocyanins, while anthocyanins produce red, purple, and blue grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. A color tone compound.

Although winemakers have long known that grapes infected with gray mold change from yellow to pink and then to purple, scientists cannot explain why. Cantu and his team found that gray mold can alter the grape's metabolic disease and activate the biosynthesis of coloring matter.

Botrytis is a fungal infection. As fungi grow on grape berry, it exerts pressure on the metabolic pathway, which effectively accelerates the ripening and death of the grapes. The excessive consumption of grape hormones accelerates the production of coloring matter and flavor substances, together with warm and humid weather, subsequent dry weather, careful winemakers and luck, to produce sweet wines with a rich export.

This research has led to a deeper understanding of gray mold. Cantu said: "We found that we have the tools to study the formation of grape flavors in vineyards. If you can control metabolism without gray mold, you can adjust the metabolic system."

Just like gray mold, if scientists can control the metabolism of the grapes and thus control their color and flavor, people can better control the maturity of the grapes. Then, for winemaking areas that were previously considered to be bad, the production of wine grapes can be greatly increased, which is even more important in climate change.

Under any environmental conditions, the metabolism of the grapes may change, and only one example of gray mold. Cantu said: “It is vital to understand the changing laws of the environment and the impact on the maturity of the grapes. Although I don’t like to use the term “terroir”, all of these effects are related to the environment.”

Keeping chickens as the name suggests is a chicken that feeds in the woodland. Woodland free-range chicken get enough exercise, not only can make chicken more healthy growth, and to make them more delicious meat, true to the original ecological chicken, its nutritional value is far from can feed the chicken farms.

Nowadays, it is said that "no chicken is not a feast", so it can be seen that "chicken" plays an important role in people's diet. Over the years, people have grown tired of the chicken feed of chicken and chicken, and the pursuit of good taste, rich game, high nutritional value, and unpolluted woodland scattered chickens. And there's a trick to picking a chicken.

The chicken is similar to the wild chicken, its plumage is bright, the chicken claw is rough and hard. Woodland disperses chicken skin thin, compact, pore fine, is arranged in a network. Common chicken skin is thinner, hair is thinner, but less than woodland disperses chicken. The quick type of chicken is thicker, flabby, and the pores are thicker. The most important characteristic of woodland dispersants is the distribution of subcutaneous fat, while the skin of the rapid type chicken is more clean and white. In the woodland, the chicken broth is transparent and clarified, the fat is reunite on the surface of the soup, and it has the aroma, while the fast chicken is turbid and the surface fat is less.

The chicken is free-range, so the drinking water is the water of the nearby mountain spring, the food is the various plants and insects around, so the nutrition value of the chicken is high. Main performance:

Than we are raising the chicken, put chicken meat more strong, fleshy structure and nutrition ratio more reasonable, free-range chicken contains rich protein, trace elements and a variety of nutrients, fat content is low, have important value for our human body health, is our Chinese people prefer meat products, belong to high protein meat.

Chickens contains rich amino acids, amino acids for human body has a very important role, he is to make up our human body protein and related to the life activities of the most basic material, is in the biological constitute the basic unit of protein molecules in the body, is our basic material life, there is a close relationship to human life activities. It is an indispensable nutrient in our body. These nutrients in chicken feed are of great importance to the growth and development of our bodies.

Put chicken chicken skin contains abundant protein of glue, can be quickly absorbed by human body and use, is a very good glue, we were doing the woodland free-range chickens will find chickens and we buy the chicken in the market on meat quality difference, chickens can be used as a tonic food, after birth, before to stew with chickens can promote the recovery of the body, now people are sick after the rehabilitation of the diet stewed free-range chicken soup is also a good choice, often eat chickens can enhance our body's physique, improve the body's immune ability, we made a lot of chickens, can use the boiled, grilled, drying and so on all kinds of production methods, no matter what methods do, chickens nutritional value than we are in the market to buy chicken nutrition value are much higher. It's really green and pollution-free.

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