Seed management is subject to a variety of factors, and cotton seed dealers have more or less residual seeds. What kind of storage method is used to make the remaining seeds safe for summer, and to ensure the safe use of the second year of production is a practical problem faced by each seed dealer. The usual storage method is to send into a low-temperature cold storage. The test is carried out under room temperature and low temperature effect. It is found that under the room temperature sealing condition, the seed germination rate drops by an average of 28.25 percentage points, and the drop is larger, while under the low temperature sealing condition, the seed germination rate Decrease by 9.50 percentage points, the appropriate reduction in the germination rate of seeds can be reduced by appropriate treatment. In order to improve the storage life of seeds, our company has developed a seed cryopreservation library, which uses the principle of low temperature to store seeds and make seeds. The quality still has the original genetic characteristics after ten or even decades. In the storage process, the storage time can be extended by adjusting the temperature and humidity in the storage space. The maximum storage time can be more than 30 years. Different storage years in the storage process, the requirements for the ambient temperature and humidity are different, as follows:
1 long-term storage, the temperature is below -10 °C, the relative humidity is about 30-40%, and the storage period is more than 30 years;
2 medium-term storage, temperature 0 ~ 5 ° C, relative humidity 40 ~ 60%, storage period is 5-15 years;
3 short-term storage, temperature 10 ~ 15 ° C, relative humidity 50 ~ 60%, storage period is 3-5 years;
The seed cryopreservation is also called the germplasm resource bank. The reasonable control of the water content of the seed before storage can improve the storage life of the seed. The reasonable seed water content ranges from 5 to 14%, and the seed is reduced by 1%. 1x longer life

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