(a) Concept Refers to UHT sterilization using steam injection, commonly referred to as direct steam injection or DSI.
In the final sterilization stage, the product is mixed with steam under a certain pressure, and the steam releases latent heat to rapidly heat the product to the sterilization temperature. This direct heating system heats the product faster than any other indirect system.

(2) Features
1, heating and cooling speed is faster, UHT instantaneous heating is easier to achieve through direct heating system.
2, can process high viscosity products, especially for those products that can not be processed well by plate heat exchanger, it is not easy to form scale. However, steam pressure will limit the equipment's long-term operation.
3. The product needs to be aseptically homogenized after sterilization, and the cost and running cost of the device itself are greatly increased.
4. The structure is complex, the devices are mostly non-standard, and the system cost is twice that of the plate or tube heating system with the same processing capacity.
5. High operating costs and limited energy recovery increase heating costs. But to a certain extent, the system can be used to make up for its high cost defects for a long time. Especially for cow's milk, the indirect system will cause serious scaling, and the direct heating system is more in line with the product's characteristics and quality requirements.

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