【Abstract】 <正>1, grape juice powder US Kristalls International Company developed and produced a new grape juice powder product, the trade name is CrgsTalsTM, composed of natural ingredients +71% grape juice powder (solid matter), solid content Containing high anti-oxidation Vc, this health care product has enhanced cardiovascular function, enhanced nutritional function and disease resistance and disease prevention. CrgsTalsTM is manufactured by freeze-drying method and continuously produced by non-heat treatment under anaerobic conditions. After drying, the water content of the product is only 2.5% or less.

[Source] Jiangsu Food and Fermentation, Jiangsu Food & Formentation, Editorial Office, 2006-01 [DOI] CNKI: SUN: SPFG.0.2006-01-016

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Tricholoma Matsutake

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