According to the different switch state when the power is off, it can be divided into normally closed solenoid valve and normally open solenoid valve, normally closed solenoid valve. When the power is off, the valve port is sealed by the armature weight, sealing spring and medium pressure. The flow path of the controlled medium.

After the electromagnetic coil is energized, the solenoid valve overcomes the force of the armature and the force of the sealing spring and the medium pressure to suck the movable iron core together with the valve port gasket, opens the valve port, and the controlled medium can be circulated.

When the normally open solenoid valve is powered off, the electromagnetic suction force is equal to zero. Under the action of the spring, the moving iron core and the valve stem are lifted up, the valve is opened, and the medium is circulated. When the power is applied, the iron core moves downward due to the suction force, pushing the valve stem, the valve is closed, and the medium is broken.

The working nature of the solenoid valve: the general flow coefficient is small, and the working pressure difference is small. For example, a general 25-caliber solenoid valve has a smaller flow coefficient than a 15-caliber electric ball valve. The solenoid valve is driven by an electromagnetic coil and is relatively easily damaged by voltage surges. Equivalent to the role of the switch, is the role of opening and closing.

The natural gas solenoid valve is suitable for the automatic control of the two-way on-off switching of gas lines such as city gas, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas. It is widely used in the gas heat setting of the textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, and the furnace heating of glass and bulb industry and the gas heating automatic control system of other industries.

Structure principle:

The electromagnetic valve has the characteristics of simple structure, large flow, long service life, safety and reliability.

The natural gas solenoid valve is a direct-acting low-pressure solenoid valve. The valve port gasket that controls the medium to open and close is directly connected to the movable iron core through the valve stem.

For gas solenoid valves with a diameter above DN100, a secondary valve opening structure shall be adopted.

Solenoid valves are automated basic components used to control the direction of fluids. They are actuators; they are typically used on mechanical controls and industrial valves to control the direction of the media to achieve control of the valve switches.
The gas solenoid valve is an actuator that is suitable for urban gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gas to make two-position on-off switching for heating combustion medium pipeline, and to automatically control the temperature. It is widely used in gas heat setting in the textile industry, printing industry, furnace heating in glass and bulb industry, and gas heating automatic control system in other industries.
The gas solenoid valve is a safety emergency shut-off device for gas pipelines. It can be connected to the gas leak alarm system or connected with fire and other intelligent alarm control terminal modules to realize on-site or remote automatic/manual emergency cut-off of the air source to ensure safe use of gas. When harmful and strong vibrations occur, the valve will automatically close. The valve must be manually opened and manually opened to meet the safety management specifications and meet the characteristics of accident handling.
The gas solenoid valves at home and abroad are divided into three categories in principle, and the differences in the structure and material of the valve disc are divided into six sub-categories.
1. Direct-acting gas solenoid valve:
The electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force to lift the closure from the valve seat. The working principle of the gas solenoid valve: when energized. The valve is opened; when the power is off, the electromagnetic force is dissipated, the spring presses the closing member against the valve seat, and the valve is closed.
However, the diameter of the solenoid valve is generally not more than 25mm. It can work normally under vacuum, negative pressure and zero pressure.
Second, spread the direct-acting gas solenoid valve:
When there is no pressure difference between the inlet and the inlet, the working principle of the gas solenoid valve is a combination of direct motion and pilot type. After the power is applied, the electromagnetic force directly lifts the pilot small valve and the main valve closing member upward, and the valve opens. When the inlet and outlet reach the starting pressure difference, after the energization, the electromagnetic force leads the small valve, the pressure of the lower chamber of the main valve rises, and the pressure of the upper chamber drops, so that the main valve is pushed upward by the pressure difference; when the power is off, the pilot valve uses the spring. The force or medium pressure pushes the closure and moves down to close the valve.
But the power is large, the characteristics of the solenoid valve: zero pressure difference or vacuum, high pressure can also be * action. Request a required level device.
Third, pilot gas solenoid valve:
The gas solenoid valve opens the pilot hole, and the gas solenoid valve works: when it is energized. The upper chamber pressure drops agilely, and the pressure difference between the upper and lower parts is formed around the closing member. The fluid pressure pushes the closing member upward to move the valve open. When the power is off, the spring force closes the pilot hole, and the inlet pressure passes through the bypass hole agile chamber. A pressure difference between the lower and upper parts is formed around the valve member, and the fluid pressure pushes the closing member downward to close the valve.
Can be installed arbitrarily (customized) but must meet fluid pressure differential conditions. Solenoid valve features: the upper limit of the fluid pressure category is higher.

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