Mixing is the main factor to ensure the quality of feed products. In recent years, the development of mixers has been rapid and has reached a relatively perfect stage. The main mixers are single- and double-blade high-efficiency mixers, ribbon-type mixers, horizontal mixers, and cantilevered double-helical taper vertical mixers. Requirements of feed mixing uniformity CV <1%, premixed feed CV <5%. The basic conditions for mixer selection are: mixing uniformity, mixing time, residual amount, and other factors.
1 The paddle mixer has greatly improved the performance of the paddle mixer in recent years. The mixing speed of this type of machine is only 2 to 3 minutes, and the variation coefficient of mixing uniformity CV<3% or less, biaxial paddle The leaf mixer is more prominent and is the preferred model in modern feed mills.
2 spiral ribbon horizontal mixer This model is the main type used in the feed mill. The mixing uniformity of the machine meets the use requirements.
3 Suspended Double Helix Tapered Vertical Mixer The main feature of this machine is its low residue, which is suitable for the use of premixed feed mills. However, the mixing cycle is long, usually 15 minutes or more. The mixing uniformity meets the general requirements. The CV is less than 5%, so there is a certain degree of difficulty. Therefore, the model is rarely used in general feed mills, and there are still a small number of premixed feed mills. Use, but all are small pre-mixed feed mills, whose material must be stainless steel to prevent corrosion. In short, the mixer selection first considers the mixing uniformity, followed by the remaining amount and the mixing cycle and other indicators. In addition, it should also consider whether there is a liquid addition function and whether the discharge door has a reliable sealing mechanism. Discharging door stiffness is good, the size of the dead angle inside the machine and so on.

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