The method of storing frozen spinach that is currently economically practical in northern China is still a simple traditional folk storage method. Simple storage generally has two ways: one is without ventilation, and the other is with ventilation. (1) Free-spirited spinach frozen storage method In the sheltered area north of houses or shadow shelters, several trenches are dug in parallel with the shade. The ditch is 25 to 30 cm wide, and the depth is the same as or slightly shallower than that of spinach. The distance between the ditch and the ditch is about 20 cm. The pre-stored spinach is bundled, and the roots are placed upright in the ditch, and the dry soil is sprinkled on the vegetable bundle. The thickness of the soil is preferably covered with fresh spinach. Afterwards, with the drop of temperature, the soil is divided and graded, and the covering soil must be made to be flat and seamless, and play a role in preventing wind and moisture. The principle is that the temperature in the vegetable bales should be maintained at -4 to -6°C as much as possible, so that the spinach is in a slightly frozen state. (2) The spinach frozen method with air passages is parallel to the shade in the shady area of ​​the north of the house or shade, and is dug by 1 to 2 meters of frozen trenches. The depth of the frozen grooves is the same as that of spinach. Or slightly lower. In the direction of the bottom of the ditch and the ditch, parallel to the ditch, a number of air ducts 25 cm wide and 30 cm deep shall be dug. The distance between the air ducts shall be approximately 25 cm. Both ends of the air duct shall be exposed to the ground. Place straw or stalks on the ventilation channel. The pre-chilled spinach will be bundled, and the roots will stand upright on the straw or stalks. There must be proper gaps between the vegetable bales to facilitate air circulation and prevent yellow rot of the leaves. After the entire frozen ditch is filled, cover it with a thin layer of soil to keep the wind moist. The requirements and methods for the subsequent earth covering are the same as those for the above-mentioned freezing method without ventilation. After frozen spinach, it must be thawed before going on the market to restore it to a fresh state. The method of thawing is to dig open the cover soil, carefully remove the spinach from the base of the package, and thaw it slowly at a temperature of 0 to 1°C. In the process of thawing, the ice crystals in the interstitial cells of the spinach plants gradually melt and are absorbed by the cells, restoring the cells to their original state, so that the plants can maintain their original fresh state. After about 3 to 4 days, when the spinach is completely thawed, the yellow leaves and rotten leaves are removed and rinsed with cold water and put on the market in time. Stable temperature, long storage period, high product quality, low loss. The method of storage in the cold room is to pick and revamp the harvested spinach and weigh it into small bundles of about 0.5 kg in weight, and after it is precooled in a cold room, it is put into a polyethylene plastic bag. Each bag contains about 20 bundles of vegetables. Sonza bag mouth. Put it on the vegetable rack in the cold storage, you can also put plastic books on the dish rack. In addition to maintaining the temperature within 0 ~ 1 °C, the relative humidity of air is above 95%. The effect of storage on the plastic account was better. After storage for 90 days, there was no change in color, shape, smell and taste. The product rate is over 99%.

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