Flower tandem, alias white face raccoon, white nose dog, green fan. It is a kind of special economic animal with both skin and flesh. It is fine and dense, and extremely warm. It is the finest fur for making quail; its meat is delicious. North China and the south of the Yangtze River are distributed. The body of the raccoon is about 55cm long and weighs about 4-4.6kg. The head, neck, extremities, and end of the tail were black, with white and white markings on the head and face. The ring was not seen on the tail. Flower-faced pelicans habitually inhabit tree-holes, caves, or soil caves in sub-tropical forests or bushes, and are often found in shrub-packed caves on both sides of hidden valleys. Flower-faced puppies are buzzing out at night, alone or in groups, sexually agile, relatively docile and easy to domesticate.
1 The construction site requires the construction of a site with a south facing position, a relatively quiet, high ground, and favorable drainage. According to the number of breeding quarters can be determined. Surrounded by a 1.6m high wall, the inside of the wall was then wiped with a 1.2m high cement mortar to form a smooth wall to prevent it from climbing. Inside the wall, there are many caves made of block stone, and the bottom of the cave is covered with straw or dead leaves for habitat and calving; the upper end of the cave is covered with two layers of oil felt (to prevent seepage in the cavern roof), and then the soil is piled up and the flowers are planted. For its shade and cold weather. You can plant trees for your climbing activities. There are diet troughs and drinking pools within the premises. Doors for cages used by feeders should be smooth and seamless to prevent them from escaping.
2 Breeding The young flower-faced raccoon with robust physique and shiny hair is selected as a breeding raccoon. The feed can be all kinds of fruits, wild vegetables, young leaves, tender shoots, etc. It can also be fed with cornmeal, wheat bran, rice noodles mixed with freshly minced fish or light tassels, and the total amount of feed is 150-200g per day in the evening. When feeding. Flower tandems also eat rats, birds and crickets, insects and so on.
3 Breeding breeding artificial breeding flower raccoon, male and female ratio of 1:4 is appropriate. From February to April estrus mating, estrus 3-5d. During this period, the activity of the female is greatly increased, the frequency of urination increases, the pus is swollen, and the vagina is discharged with white effusion. The male is actively looking for a raccoon and the male is also very active. The male and female raccoon first meet each other when they are mated, and then the raccoon falls on the female's back. The female's neck is bitten, the female lies on the ground, and the tail bends to one side, facilitating the mating of the raccoon. In the mating, the females also buzzed and squeaked for about 2 minutes each time, and they mate for up to 10 times a day. After successful mating, the male and female raccoon are separated. About 60 days during pregnancy, 5-6 months of litter, each litter 3 to 5 Aberdeen. When the pups were born, they opened their eyes 9-10 days after birth, and the facial patterns of the bees began to become clear after 15 to 20 days. Their coat color became dark and they were 80-90 days old. At this time, the size of the cub is similar to that of an adult raccoon, and it is sexually mature after 1 year old and can be bred.
4 Disease prevention and treatment
4.1 disinfection can be used to kill the enemy, the regular disinfection of the pen.
4.2 Gastroenteritis The normal excrement of the flower-faced pupa is a cylindrical shape with a thick index like index finger and a multi-segmented shape. Such as irregular stools, dark paste, diarrhea-like, indicating that the flower urchin suffers from gastrointestinal inflammation. You can add furazolidone to your feed and one tablet to your mother. For individuals suffering from severe diarrhea and listlessness, they must be kept in isolation and gentamicin 250,000 III should be mixed with 1 mL of cercaria net for subcutaneous injection at the top of the neck twice a day for 3 days. If it still does not work, you can add Virus.
4.3 Skin diseases Try to avoid water leakage at the top of the house. Replace the bedding periodically (except during the lactation period) and keep the passage and the house clean. For hair loss or beryllium, toe, or body surface that has blemishes, use double-injected microphones to add water according to the amount indicated, wipe the affected area twice a day until it is fully cured.

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