The main raw material peanuts 1 kg, starch 1 kg, flour 1 kg, salt amount.
Equipment appliances electric grinder, tofu utensils.
Production method 1 kg of selected peanut kernels are soaked in warm water for one night, removed on the second day, removed red skin, added appropriate amount of water, grinded the pulp with a machine, and filtered 2 to 3 times with fine gauze to remove the residue. About 9 kilograms of the filtered slurry. Then, add 1 kg of starch, 1 kg of flour, and a proper amount (100 g) of salt. Stir together with the slurry and pour it into an iron pan. Stir in the heat and cook until all become white. There is no slurry. Pour quickly into a dish rack (thickness of about 5 cm), fold and cover the tofu wrapper, press on the cover, place a weight of 15 to 20 kilograms, press for 30 minutes, wait until it cools, and serve as peanut tofu.
Process immersed peanuts → go to the red skin → refining → filtration → filter starch plus starch, flour, salt → stirring → stir gently → pour into the tofu dish cloth → press on the cover, heavy goods → finished product.

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