Variable temperature treatment of vegetable seeds has the advantages of increasing the seed germination rate, disinfection and sterilization, reducing crop pests at seedling stage, and reducing the use of pesticides.
Treatment temperature The seeds were placed in warm water at 55°C. The amount of water was 5-6 times the seed amount, and warm water was slowly added to maintain the temperature of 55°C for about 10 minutes. For some melon seeds with thick seed coats that are difficult to absorb, the treatment temperature should be raised to 70°C. When hot water is hot, use two containers to pour 70°C hot water back and forth. When the water temperature is lowered to 55°C, keep it for 7-8 minutes, then let the water temperature naturally decrease.
Seed soaking time varies depending on the type of seed, melon seeds generally soaked for 24 hours, solanaceous fruit is generally 10 hours, green vegetables are generally 6 to 8 hours, beans generally soaked for 1 to 2 hours. For seeds with long soaking time, water should be changed every 5 hours.
After the seed germination sucks enough water, the seed germination is wrapped in sacks, gauze, and the like. Change the gas every 4 to 5 hours, and rinse with 50 to 60°C warm water every 24 hours. Stop germination when 75% of the seeds broke.
Warming vegetables before germination, in the refrigerator or ice cubes for 12 hours, and then use cold water to slow freeze, keep 18 ~ 22 °C 6 ~ 12 hours, so repeated 4 ~ 5 times. In this way, the adaptability of the seed to temperature changes is enhanced, vitality is vigorous, and the yield is increased.

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